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Sometimes The Hardest Thing

Even at my age, it’s very difficult sometimes just figuring out approximately who you are, and then being yourself.

As a writer, photographer or artist, you find that in order to be true to your craft, you must reveal a piece of yourself previously unknown. This causes you to look within yourself and examine what’s down there.

Trying Just To Be MyselfThat can be scary. The sum of our past experiences and our dreaded future, our fears and mistakes, our acts of good and evil, the height of our happiness and the depths of our pain, the breadth of our imagination and the narrow blackness of our despair, the miracle of our birth and the eventuality of our death – all of it exists inside, mixed together like ingredients in some cosmic chili.

When you create, you reach down there and bring a gob of that chili outside for inspection. Sometimes, lots of times, you’re afraid to show it – to show yourself – to the world. That which is inside you runs the gamut. It can be horrifying. It can be shocking. It can be socially unacceptable. It can be anything.

One of my current goals is to learn to be at peace with whatever my art reveals. This has not been easy, but I take comfort in the fact that art is not a reflection of the artist himself, but a reflection of what the universe has done to him.

Does that make sense?

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Welcome To The Rainforest

Distant thunder gently wakes me, then rocks me back to a deep sleep. Like a snooze alarm with a slapstick punchline five minutes later: Wham! and the house shakes with the force of the lightening bolt, probably the next one hovering right over my head, 800 yards straight up in the sky and coming down fast.

Welcome to the rainforest.

I’m up with the second crash, heading around the corner to my office computer, dialing in the local weather radar on the Interwebnets, confirming all hell is about to break loose, again, and shutting down the computer and monitor before the little electric men living inside the lightening can crawl up the wires and fry the motherboard.

March, April, May. Three months of incredible rain events, these past two weeks probably the incrediblest, have taken the entire state of Texas and its vast collection of two-thirds-empty river reservoirs and filled them right up, taken our “dry” creek systems and leaking farm ponds, our ground water tables, our Brazos and Colorado rivers, our crackling dry prairies and bare-dirt rice fields and rejuvenated them to overflowing.


Overflowing with mosquitoes, too. Flash floods and tornado warnings and a river running through the lower back yard like a pack of thieves looking for anything not tied down, and grabbing it up, tossing it into the trailer and driving off downstream to dump it onto the great piles of crap down in Freeport where river meets Gulf.

It happened again this morning. It’s scheduled to happen again tomorrow. Like that old Walt Disney movie where Mickey Mouse is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and gets the broomsticks marching around with sloshing buckets of water, but doesn’t know how to make them stop.

Keep praying, California, all your dreams can come true. But be careful what you wish for.

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So it didn’t take me long before I grew weary of those full-screen slideshows on my homepage. Lets do it this way for awhile, OK? I do think many photos look best displayed as large as possible, though. To that end, I’ll probably add another page just to house a full-page gallery…

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Them Changes

OK, this is kind of like when you buy or rent a new house but not all the furniture has arrived yet.

Patience, my friends, I’m still trying to figure out how much cupboard and closet space I have, and where to put everything…

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