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Du Jour


There was a tempermental character in the old Seinfeld TV series they called the Soup Nazi, who made the most incredibly delicious soups in New York City, but forced his customers to follow numerous specific behavioral rules while in line or ordering food. If you broke a rule, the Soup Nazi was likely to say: “No soup for you for one year! Next!”

I was reminded of that character while passing this former Little Rock sushi dive the other day. Ask to use the bathroom? No California rolls for you.

I wonder why it went out of business.

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The Blue Ridge

I finally put together a new gallery from our trip to Asheville, North Carolina earlier this summer. Asheville is a great little town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, with an abundance of recreational possibilities, and a thriving arts community. We stayed just out of town in a vacation home overlooking the mountains and, as the entire month of August here in Texas has consisted of identical days hovering around 100 degrees without precipitation, I have thought fondly and often of the cool misty woods and mountains we enjoyed during our stay. Check out the new images here.

Forest For The Trees

How could I forget that certain charm, aging grit and paradoxical character of my own adopted home town? Every day I traverse its streets, the imagery burning patterns into my brain. Those patterns become a constant textured lens through which I view the rest of the world. Eventually, I forget those patterns are there at all.

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. That’s my only explanation for not having a gallery of Richmond, Texas, official population: 11,863 as of 2013. As of now, that’s changed, and you can find the Richmond gallery here.


50 Years Of Meat

Hey Mama, put down that fryin’ pan ’cause we’re goin’ out tonight!


Down to Malt N Burger Mart for Fort Bend’s best meat pattie stuffed in a bun.


Just remember: Burger Plates Don’t Come With Drinks! You want drinks? You order the Burger Combos for drinks.

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