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Dog Bowling On The Open Prairie

What cloud appears on yon horizon absent a silver lining?

To be brief: The Catahoula is a hunter and herding dog possessed of unusual drive and strength even at a tender 8 months and 45 pounds. Should one encourage such a beast to frolic at high speed through the brush in order to test one’s LG G4 mobile camera, one risks canine over-stimulation for which, alas, there are no brakes, apparently.

Yeah, I got her wound up, and the dog decided that rather than juking and leaping past as usual, she would just lower her shoulder into my legs like so many bowling pins.

Silver lining: Somehow my phone camera snapped this picture as it (and I) hit the ground. For the record, this hurt a lot. But the dog indicated she was real sorry.


In one fell swoop, it turns out I’ve probably invented a new mobile photo category that I am nearly sure will catch on virulently: The Falling Selfie. Ask me how it’s done.

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Not Only Is Fast Food Bad For Your Health…

When 'drive-through' becomes a whole new concept...It can be dangerously addictive!

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