About - Bob Dunn Photography
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About Me

To me, a camera is a magical transformative device, like a back-stage pass to the unexplored world. The act of carrying one somehow allows me to shed my introversions and just boldly go. I find that people will usually say yes to all manner of ridiculous requests by a polite man attempting to create art with a camera.


While I spent many years exposing and occasionally developing film, I now find myself firmly entrenched in the digital photography camp. The act of discovering and capturing worthy images in a camera certainly is exhilarating. But to me the joy of the discovery process begins all over again upon exposing those images to the almost endless variety of computer processing techniques. It’s a way of finding more diamonds among the gravel; images I would’ve rejected on film might turn out to be gems in their own right.


In years past, I fiddled with cameras and other creative pursuits on the odd weekend, while paying the bills toiling as a reporter and/or editor for a variety of newspapers. Later, I worked for digital news operations, helped a major cable TV corporation launch its broadband Internet service, and founded a company creating database applications for the petroleum and medical industries, among other things.


Then, I retired from the corporate ranks, which allowed me to regain some measure of sanity and devote my time to my photography, my art, my writing and my family.


My photography reflects explorations mostly across what I call the Texas Outback – hundreds of towns and tiny villages dotting the landscape stretching from Houston and the Gulf Coast west to San Antonio and the Hill Country.


I don’t attempt to capture or create photo art with any particular agenda in mind. I do try to approach each subject or situation with some historical and cultural appreciation, keep myself open to the experience, and allow the camera to document the moment.


My future goal for my photography is to allow myself to participate in as many new and unfamiliar experiences as possible, to relax and be a good observer.