Bob DunnI retired not long ago, and before that it was easy to sum myself up when people would ask “What do you do?” I would tell them what my job was. I ran a small web development company, a “24/7” web news operation, a database applications company serving Houston’s petroleum and medical industries. For a long time before that I was a newspaper journalist – a beat reporter, editor and/or investigative reporter for various publications from the East Coast to the West.

Now that I’m retired, if someone asks me what I do, I can actually answer by telling them what it is I do as opposed to my employment status. I’m a writer, small-scale farmer and what I call a documentary photographer. As the latter, I keep busy finding and capturing, with my camera, bits of small-town and rural history, charm and decay, before it all crumbles away into dust and all we’re left with is the soul-less and stark pieces of corporate “architecture” that seem to be springing up everywhere.

I’m also a husband and dad, more that than anything else, really.

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