Everything's Better With Bluebonnets On It - Bob Dunn Photography
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Everything’s Better With Bluebonnets On It

Perhaps many of you are too young to remember the old TV ad slogan for Bluebonnet Margarine. But for sure that old saying holds true for our hayfield, where this year’s wild bluebonnet display has been spectacular.  Christi and I galloped through the flowers with cameras in hands, flopped on our bellies for better shots and generally behaved like southern children in their first snowfall.

It capped the first official spring weekend. As for the actual first day of spring, I spent it planting a dozen tomato plants from the strain I’ve been selectively breeding for 12 years now. Also some terrific black Aswad eggplants and the same awesome Leutschauer hot Hungarian paprika peppers I grew last year.

My very first act of spring, however, involved deleting my seldom-used Facebook account, in honor of the reported discovery that the company essentially looked the other way while a political consultancy skimmed off the personal information of 50 million Facebook users in an effort to help elect the current alleged president. (And, as it turns out, billionaire Donald Trump supporter Peter Thiel has been linked to the data profiling scheme. Oh, and Thiel just happens to sit on Facebook’s board of directors.)

So yeah, it was an easy decision for me to dump Facebook. The company has, in my opinion, always taken liberties with its users’ private information. This last episode was just the last straw. Harder than the decision was the actual task of deleting the account, because Facebook tries really hard to obfuscate the exact method for doing so. However, the InterWebs provide instructions for negotiating the maze and removing your data forever from the clutches of Mark Zuckerberg & Minions. Here, for instance.

Kind of a weird segue from bluebonnets to Facebook, I suppose. But less sharing of slogans and other people’s sound bites on “social media” leads to more time for living life out in the hayfields and gardens of the world. Says the guy sharing slogans and sound bites on his blog.

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  • Don A in Pennsyltucky
    Posted at 06:39h, 01 April Reply

    I had that jingle for an ear worm after reading the chapter on fats in The Bad Food Bible.

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