How Harvey Looked From Here

Hurricane on the horizon

Soon gasoline started running out

We evacuated to safe ground, but floodwater turned our haven into an island

At first bigger pick-ups still could get in and out for supplies

But deeper floodwater cut us off completely (until we discovered the gate)

Meanwhile, our kayaking neighbor took photos of our house while the river rose to 54 feet…

After the river rose another few inches, it began flowing from our backyard down the driveway…

Finally, the river crested at 55 feet, 3 inches – and left our house (barely) safe and dry

But my wife’s parents house flooded with more than 4 feet of water, destroying nearly everything

Thousands of others in their town, Dickinson, also saw their houses and belongings ruined

To add insult to injury, even the Dickinson mini-storage facilities flooded

Much of our street in Richmond saw horrible flooding, too, such as this trailer park

A day later, this rainbow appearedI’m hoping it’s God renewing His old Noah’s Ark promise…

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