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This Time

So Harvey the hurricane reached Category 4 status last night and slammed into the little town of Rockport, Texas, about 150 miles from here. We’ve been taking on a lot of rain. The wind gusted a good bit, but probably nothing above 40 miles per hour. The power went out around 5 a.m., but came back on by 9. We have a propane generator ready to go, and I figured we could weather even several days of this storm.

Then the National Weather Service threw us a curve ball. They run a river-level prediction center, which had showed the Brazos wasn’t going to rise much throughout this hurricane episode. I reasoned that was because most of the water was falling downstream from us. I was wrong, the NWS just never got around to making a prediction until last night. This morning, they upped that prediction.

Now they say the Brazos will hit 55 feet in depth. That’s even more than last year’s near-catastrophe of 54.8 inches, which we survived intact, but which dumped as much as 7 feet of water into some of our neighbors’ homes.

We thought about escaping to the farm. However, Harvey has moved inland to the point that it’s actually dumping more rain at the farm than it is here. And to reach our farmhouse, you have to drive over a usually dry creek that becomes a raging beast under heavy rainfall. And as it is predicted to rain 25 inches or so over the farm in the next three days, I doubt we could get over that creek.

So the current plan is for my wife and kids to take two of our cars, this evening, and go stay with her sister a few miles away from the river. I will stay here in what I hope will be an uneventful three or four days. However, it is for sure that river water will breach a couple of my neighbors’ properties and flood the street out front to probably 4.5 feet, with a stiff current. I am hoping for continuing electricity and continued working porcelain conveniences. My job will be to mitigate any damage that may occur.

Nobody gets it like they want it to be, even during disasters.

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  • SUsan
    Posted at 21:54h, 27 August Reply

    I’m within walking distance and have an upstairs. And wine. I have wine.

    • bdunn
      Posted at 21:07h, 31 August Reply

      That is the best offer I’ve had since the last 100-year flood! We already set up camp back behind the Swinging Door BBQ at my brother in law’s place. I was going to ride it out at home, but this time the city set up a mandatory evacuation, so…

      We have been cut off from the rest of the world by a raging Jones Creek and some chi-chi developer’s vanity lake, plenty of supplies, good utilities, but nothing to do but sit around waiting for the world to change and the water to recede.

      Then we found the Secret Back Gate to the alternate universe. More about that later. But all is well, if a little low on wine…

  • Tabor
    Posted at 01:31h, 28 August Reply

    I have been thinking of you and the low lying Texas. Be safe from the snakes and any other problems. Hoping you all survive the next few days!!

    • bdunn
      Posted at 21:09h, 31 August Reply

      Thanks for the well wishes. The worst, I hope, is behind us

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