SCOTUS Puts Another Brick In The Wall - Bob Dunn Photography
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SCOTUS Puts Another Brick In The Wall

The corporate elitist majority making up the current iteration of the Supreme Court has just acted again to make it easier than ever for very rich people to buy election outcomes and decide in advance who’s going to wind up on the general election ballot.

In its usual 5-4 vote, the “justices” ruled to remove limits that had prevented people from bribing contributing more than a total of $123,000 to candidates and political party committees each election cycle.

This is another ruling that comes from the court majority’s failed idea that free speech and money somehow are the same thing. It is this failed idea that has allowed a couple of handfuls of rich old white conservatives (i.e. the Koch brothers and their pals) to buy elections and create faux “grass-roots movements” such as the Tea Party.

Whatever the American form of government has become, it ain’t representative and it is rigged, and this is the main reason I seldom write about politics anymore, because oligarchies are so damned depressing if you’re a peasant.

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